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Top 20 Best Stuffed Animals for Kids

Someone’s childhood is never complete without plush toys guarding their bedrooms. There are a lot of plushies to choose from! Whether you want a cuddly one for nighttime or a giant one to play around with all day, your child should have one of the best stuffed animals for kids. We’ve compiled a list of the best stuffed animals for kids so that your child will always have a smile on their faces.

    1. Sumikko Gurashi Plush Large

      Sumikko Gurashi Giant Plush

      Who can say no to these cute animals? Whether your kid loves penguins, cats, dogs, or anything else (there’s even a frog!), there’s a Sumikko Gurashi Giant Plush animal for you. With different sizes to choose from, your kid can trot around carrying these cute giant plushies!

    2. Big I Love You Teddy Bear

      Giant I Love You Teddy Bear

      Nothing says, “I Love You” more than giving this giant i love you teddy bear to your kid! You can choose from different colors and different writings on the giant heart that the bear holds.

    3. Big Sleeping Shiba Inu Plush

      Cute Giant Sleeping Shiba Inu Plush

      Known for their very Instagrammable cuteness, you can now give your little kids the cute giant sleeping shiba inu plush! You can get the big ones to be their cuddle buddy at night, or the smaller ones so they can play with them during playdates.

    4. Oddbods Plush

      For the Oddbods fans out there, this cute oddbods cartoon plush toy is one of the most sought plush for kids!

    5. Om Nom Plush

      Remember playing the game Cut The Rope or have you watched the Om Nom series on Youtube? Wherever you first met this cute little monster from, everyone agrees that cute om nom plush toy is such a cute plush toy that every kid will surely love!

    6. Cute White and Pink Cat Plush

      If your kid loves white and pink, then there’s no other perfect gift for them than this very kawaii white cat plush! It has four different variations that you can choose from to make your little ones very happy.

    7. DanganRonpa Monokuma Plush

      Does your kid enjoy a little bit of horror? Then Headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy, Monokuma, is the perfect plush toy for them. The DanganRonpa anime series on Playstation Portable is surely a scary antagonist but if your child loves them, then they’re gonna be the best cuddle buddy for your child.

    8. Elephant Plush

      Baby Elephant Stuffed Animal

      Elephants are one of the first animals your kids learn in their ABCDE books! And it’s one of the best stuffed animals for kids of all ages! You can even buy one in your kid’s favorite color. Whether they love pink or blue, or even yellow, there’s a cute baby elephant plush for them.

    9. Big Lilo and Stitch Plush

      It’s Stitch from the famous Lilo & Stitch animated series but only bigger and more cuddly! A lot of kids are growing up watching this cute extraterrestrial animal on their TV screens and they will certainly love being able to hug them the way Lilo does!

    10. Big Eyes Green Turtle Plush

      Is “turtle big eyes” a thing? Because this stuffed animal is surely too cute to resist! With different sizes to choose from, you can have the perfect gift for your turtle lover kid.

    11. Big Ear Rabbit Plush

      Cute Big Ear Rabbit Plush

      From big eyes to big ears, this next stuffed toy is THE gift for children who simply adore cute big ear rabbits! Their cuddle bodies and playful ears are enough to turn a frown to a smile in just a second.

    12. Kawaii Shiba Inu Plush

      Cute Fat Shiba Inu Plush Toy

      We told you that the Shiba Inu is popular so here’s another cute fat Shiba Inu plush toy for your little ones. With two different colors and styles, you can never go wrong with this plushie.

    13. Kawaii Cow Plush

      Cute Cow Stuffed Animal Toy

      “Moooo,” says this cute cow stuffed animal! If your cute little angels love cows, then you just found the perfect and cutest gift you can ever give them.

    14. Kawaii Pig Stuffed Animal

      Cute Pig Plush

      The farm animals aren’t complete without this cute pig plush wearing adorable animal hoodies! You get two animals in one with this creative and fun plushie that every kid will cuddle with at nighttime.

    15. Big Shark Plush

      Cute Giant Shark Stuffed Animal Toy

      Have you heard your little one singing the famous nursery rhyme, “Baby Shark”? Now, they can dance along with the song while playing with this very cute giant shark stuffed toy!

    16. Siberian Husky Plush

      Cute Siberian Husky Plush

      If you aren’t really convinced with the cute Shiba Inu plush toys, then maybe you would love this cute Siberian Husky toy! You can buy it in different sizes and let your kid have fun with all the cute dog plushies!

    17. Unicorn Plush

      Cute Unicorn Plush Toy

      Give them a little magic with this magical Unicorn plush toy that can really brighten someone’s day! With two different colors, your kid’s playtime will always be full of magic. Nothing is impossible!

    18. Alligator Plush

      Giant Stuffed Alligator Toy

      See ya later, alligator!” After a trip to the zoo, your kid will surely get curious about those big animals they saw! This most sought out plush toy for kids is the gift to remind your kids about the fun days at the zoo.

    19. Yellow Chicken Plush

      Cute Chicken Plush

      For kids who love the color yellow, this is the best plushie to help them sleep at night! Spark your kid’s inner creativity as they play with this cute chicken plush. You can even buy other farm animal plushies for the full countryside farming playtime experience!

    20. Kawaii Alpaca Plush

      Let’s complete all the farm animals with this cute Alpaca plush toy that kids of all ages will surely love. Hands down, this is the cutest plushie toy that will remind your little ones just how soft and cuddly alpacas are.

Give Them The Happiness They Deserve

With a lot of the best stuffed animals to choose from, you can make the day of your little ones with just these simple gifts. You can even buy different ones so that they can have an army against the monsters of their nightmares and have playmates during the day.

Research also shows that kids with stuffed toys grow up to be more creative and generally happier than those without. So what are you waiting for? Buy now at My Heart Teddy™ and see the smiles on your little ones’ faces.

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