How to Clean Giant Stuffed Animals

Giant I Love You Teddy Bear

Do you have the big stuffed animal toys for your kid and finding it hard to clean? You are not alone. Many parents and guardians out there find it hard to wash the toy. Sincerely, the big stuffed animals are a lot of fun. In any case, the bigger they are, the harder they are to keep them clean and cared for. Big stuffed animals require special considerations. There are a large number of them. Everything is funny and great. Tragically, they’re big in addition, no joke planned, dust magnets. So how to clean giant stuffed animals without damaging them? It is generally simple but requires some stamina. The process is the straightforward, but it can be a challenge to some.


Most big stuffed animals have gorgeous and soft fur and must not be washed in very hot water. You should also avoid drying them with hairdryers or leaving them on a very high temperature. They must not be exposed to sunlight for extended periods either, as this can cause discoloration. If huge stuffed animals does not dry out properly, it will begin to smell bad or even develop mold, so they should be dried as soon as possible.


Don’t even think about that. Since these are animals filled with big stuffs, the washing machine is undoubtedly out of order. Unless you know that, there is a huge washing machine somewhere. You would have to stay with the other family medications. So, follow these simple steps and save yourself from drama.

1. REMOVE ALL ACCESSORIES, IF ANY Examine the toy before you start. Remove all accessories that can be removed. Look for cracks, creases or other damage that you need to consider in advance. At this point, it is the ideal opportunity for cleaning.

2. SNIFF THE TOY, if he smells bad. Prepare a large plastic bag or any closed container. Add pellets or whole piece of activated charcoal/baking soda along with the large stuffed toy in the large plastic bag for about 2-3 hours or until it absorb any unpleasant odors. Remember to put the activated charcoal in a small container with holes so that it will not touch your large stuffed animals. Baking Soda and Activated Charcoal will absorb any bad odor from the giant stuffed animals.

3. THEN VACUUM THE TOY Next, start with a cleaner vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the toy from all sides by using the hose connection with a small brush to achieve the best strokes.

4. WASH At this time, prepare some detergent and apply this technique. Another alternative is to mix some vinegar in heated water and to rub the skin with a damp material.

You could also fill the bath, mix some water and detergent, and soak up the toys. But remember, at this point, it will prove extremely substantial to spatter a mammoth-filled creature, and it will take an incredibly long time for it to dry completely. A superior way would be spot-washing. Mix detergent and water and use a fine to medium brush to clean the toy. By cleaning, replace the area with a damp cloth until all of the cleaners have been rinsed off. You may need to warm up the treatment a couple of times, especially if the toy is messy.

5. DRY At this point, let the creature filled with Goliath gradually dry at room temperature. With a dry towel and an extra hairbrush, you can bring the coat back to its unique, delicate quality. Also, note our various tips in this area. Their monster cuddly toys are currently perfectly prepared and ready for new ventures.

6. STORE After it has been dried, transfer it to a good location where there are no other huge items.

LAST NOTE Hopefully, you have found that this article is usefully, particularly if you have been finding it hard to clean your stuffed animal toy. Follow the above simple steps on how to clean giant stuffed animals and ensure your friend is ever clean.

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