Japan is a Kawaii Plushies Collector’s Paradise!

You may already be familiar with the Japanese term kawaii. This Japanese word is often translated as “cute” into English.

Although “cute” is a part the meaning of kawaii it also has a Japanese origin, which in kawayushi means “pathetically vulnerable, shy”. Kawaii in particular incorporates a feeling of love and care into its definition. Kawaii is not only adorable, but it also elicits feelings of attachment and protectiveness in the viewer.

Kawaii has a deep and integral part in Japanese culture. Kawaii plushies are a big part of adult life. The demand for kawaii products has resulted in a flourishing market that offers a variety of products.

Classic Kawaii Plushies

Some characters and brands have made it to the top with cute, kawaii toys. Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma are their most popular characters. However, you’ll also find other lesser-known characters like the cute Golden Retriever Pompompurin and Rilakkuma’s bear-cub friend Korilakkuma. Gudetama is a lazy and relatable character. A bunch of adorable Sumikkogurashi misfits are also available.

sumikko gurashi shirokuma

Another Japanese plush toys company worth mentioning is Amuse. Amuse is another Japanese plush toy company worth mentioning.

Familiar Faces

The kawaii plushies that imitate pre-existing characters are another popular option. This is a great way to attract consumers and turn popular movies and games into huge merchandising businesses.

Japanese Animation Giant Totoro Plush holding a leaf and smiling

Totoro, the quirky and adorable Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro are some of the Ghibli characters that stand out. The Ghibli characters that stand out are Totoro, the adorable and bizarre Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro, and No Face from Spirited Away.

Pokemons famed plushie collection has been a drain on fans’ wallets since the 1990s. You can also find Ditto-impersonations and seasonal Pikachu. You can find everything, from small plushies as low as ten bucks to large Snorlax and Gengar as high as hundreds of dollars.

Practical Plushies

Japan’s soft toys are not just for kids. Soft toys in Japan are more than a child’s indulgence. You can heat them with a microwavable pouch, or even a USB charger as the Kirby plushie.

The Unusual Side of Kawaii

There are also kawaii plushies with a different theme. If something sweet and vulnerable is cute, why not an alien-like deep sea crustacean or killer whale as it eats its prey? You can also find Japanese plushies that feature kawaii drawings of everyday objects and strange chimerical characters.

Food is the most versatile item that can be transformed. Sushi rolls, onigiri, and tofu are just a few examples. There are many Japanese breads available, from cute loaves to smiling melonspans to kawaii-fied foods. You can choose from a yellow “yaki”, slate-grey, “goma”, and pink “ume” version.

Kawaii Japanese Sushi Plush Pillow (40cm)

Japan leads in many aspects kawaii culture. Japan is no exception. Plushies come in a variety of styles, including a limited-edition Pikachu that you can hang on your wall and a large body pillow with smiling carrots for sleeping at night.

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