Why Children Can’t Bear to Get Rid of Their Teddy Bears

Why do children continue to have teddy bears in their collections?

Is it because they look so cuddly? Perhaps that is part of the reason, but there are other factors as well. It seems that children just love teddy bears and are always telling you why they do not want to get rid of their teddy bears.

I was watching a program on television once about a small boy named Johnny. He went to get a new teddy bear, which he loved and his mom said that he had to hold it or he would break it. So Johnny held it for quite some time, and then finally it broke open. He got very mad at himself, thinking that he had ruined the teddy bear.

Why do children have a tendency to break things? Why do they have such a hard time getting rid of their own belongings? Why do they put everything in a box and never take the time to get rid of it? Why do they put themselves through this?

parents need to teach children to be reasonable

Some adults might say that children are difficult and that they shouldn’t have everything that they want. This is an unfair criticism because parents need to teach children to be reasonable. They should also learn that they shouldn’t expect their child to be perfect. The teddy bear is a gift and a keepsake, but it is not a diamond in the rough. Children need to know that they will have to work a little bit to get the best gift, no matter how hard they tried. Why don’t they start with a small stuffed animal?

time to buy for a new one

If your child doesn’t like the teddy bear or if it just doesn’t fit with their personality, then it is probably time for a new one. Sometimes the child grows out of their love for the stuffed animal. This doesn’t mean that they don’t love the bear. It just means that there are better choices out there.

Why do some children prefer the bear over the stuffed animal?

I think that most children would prefer the bear to a new blanket on their bed. Why? Because kids love animals, and they are more comfortable having a stuffed animal. They can build memories and play time with the plush animal that they can’t have with another toy.

give them something else

If your child still loves the teddy bear but you think he or she might get a lot of use out of it, then why not give them something else? You could let them keep the old teddy bear but make sure to get a new one made from soft material. Something like a food shape plush pillow would be perfect.

There are many reasons why children can’t get rid of their teddy bears. It all has to do with their personalities and childhood memories. Once they start playing with other kids’ toys, they will likely develop a desire to own the items that they played with as a child.

sit down and have a talk with him or her

In order for your child to be able to get rid of the teddy bear, you need to sit down and have a talk with him or her about the toy. Share with them the good and bad points about the teddy bear. Let them know that yes, the teddy bear did mean something to them in their childhood, but that they have grown out of it and that they do not want or need it anymore.

donate the teddy bear to someone who truly needs it

Explain to your child that he or she can donate the teddy bear to someone who truly needs it. I have seen many times where a child will grow out of a particular toy and simply bury it. Others get rid of it by giving it to good causes that are focusing on helping children get rid of unwanted or unused items. Explain to your child that you believe that he or she would be better served by donating the item rather than letting it stay in a landfill. Letting something go is not good for anyone.

they have been playing with it for too long

Another reason as to why children can’t get rid of their teddy bears is that they have been playing with it too long. A child’s first memory of a teddy bear is from playing with it when he or she was a child. He or she will associate the stuffed animal with certain activities and memories and therefore it becomes something for them to play with. This can lead to the child developing an attachment to it in his or her adult life.


Explain to your child the importance of getting rid of any unwanted possessions and explain why. By being strong and convincing, you can usually get rid of some of your child’s old toys. This may be the solution that is best for your children in helping them to get rid of an old and out-of-date teddy bear that has been passed down from generation to generation.

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