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Pick your Dream Doll House

One of the many aspects that define a person’s childhood is the toys they played with. Whether it be small play sets like Poly Pockets or Littlest Pet Shops, or even dolls and action figures, as children we always wanted the latest and coolest toys. Similarly, when combining both play sets and dolls, a dream doll house is created.

Dollhouses are magical to many children, especially young girls, and with the influence of childhood icons such as Barbie and American Doll, it’s hard to pass on the thought of having your own dreamy place to live in. I mean, as a child, haven’t you ever pictured yourself living in your dream dollhouse with your friends?

Luckily, with the help of big toy companies, our fantasies can come true with some of the best dollhouses on the market. Below, some of the best dream dollhouses are listed, they each hold unique characteristics and I’ll be breaking down the top 20 that you’ll be eager to buy!

1- Blue Time Doll House

Blue Time
Brand: Cutebee
Retail Price: $101.95 – $113.95

We usually see pink dollhouses, so here’s some change. It is definitely not the norm to have blue dollhouse, but we can all agree that this house is gorgeous.

2- Cat Diary Doll House

Cat Diary
Brand: Cutebee
Retail Price: $59.95 – $62.99

This dollhouse is angelic and soothing. The soft white colour gives this dream house a nice calm touch, and to top it off, it includes a little cat, how adorable!

3- Dream Angels Doll House

Dream Angels
Brand: Cutebee
Retail Price: $71.95 – $76.95

While being pink on the outside, but filled with warm-toned colors on the inside, this layered dream doll house delivers the best of both worlds!

4- Elegant Doll House

Brand: Cutebee
Retail Price: $73.95 – $82.95

Elegant dollhouse is a perfect toy and decoration. The elegant dollhouse’s details are stunning and definitely worth the price.

5 – Forest Time Doll House

Forest Time
Brand: Cutebee
Retail Price: $37.95 – $40.95

The Forest Time dollhouse is adorable and is the dream house that we all need.

6 – Happy Time Doll House

Happy Time
Brand: Cutebee
Retail Price: $114.95 – $140.95

This dollhouse is another unique and one of a kind dream house and is a dollhouse that we should all have on our bookcase!

7 – Nordic Town Doll House

Nordic Town
Brand: Cutebee
Retail Price: $94.95 – $125.95

This dollhouse is large. The set is a little bit smaller than the average-sized toddler, which is beneficial, considering that the pieces of furniture are big enough and do not cause a safety hazard. Furthermore, having a dollhouse the same size as the child playing with it creates a sense of realism for the infant when playing with this cute dollhouse castle. Not to mention, the contrast between the pink walls, the purple roofs and the white veranda gives this dream dollhouse a fun, yet royal look!

8 – Poetic Life Doll House

Poetic Life
Brand: Cutebee
Retail Price: $75.95 – $78.95

Poetic Life dollhouses are very common but they will always remain in style. They’re cute and fashionable, just like this one from Cutebee’s. This dream house is very small and is a beautiful element to add to a bedroom.

9 – Quiet Time Doll House

Quiet Time
Brand: Cutebee
Retail Price: $72.95 – $82.95

This dollhouse villa can be seen as an upgrade from its previous design, it’s more luxurious and the price point is evidently higher. The dream house is modern and contains a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room. other luxuries are additionally included, such as drop lights, a wooden ladder, a TV, and plants. The mini villa is very rectangular compared to the average dollhouse, but it’s without a doubt a one of a kind, unique, and stunning dream dollhouse.

10 – Time Travel Doll House

Time Travel
Brand: Cutebee
Retail Price: $56.95 – $109.95

Do you own miniature dolls and you cant find a dreamy house small enough for them? Well, look no further, Cutebee’s Time Travel dream doll house is the cutest thing you’ll ever see! The tiny dream house is filled with miniature cozy furniture. Additionally, the calming turquoise color and compact size give this tiny dollhouse an even more unique look.

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