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Simple Toy Storage Solutions

No More Toys on the Floor!

When it comes to kids’ stuffed toys, it seems as if they are multiplying by magic. Before there were only a handful, and suddenly there are too many to even count. Sometimes it can even be hard to remember where they all came from. It is not uncommon to find them hiding in random places, such as under the bed, in between couch cushions, or strewn all over the floor.

Well, it’s time to tame these stuffed toys once and for all. They don’t need to be a source of clutter or stress anymore. Here are some simple yet clever storage solutions that will keep them organized with very little effort.

  1. Canvas Cube Bins

    Simple Toy Storage Solutions
    This relatively inexpensive solution easily fits a variety of sizes of stuffed toys inside and are lightweight enough that even kids can pick them up and line them up on a shelf. Kids can separate toys into different categories if they wish. These bins come in a variety of styles, like animals, colorful stripes and polka dots, or whimsical plants, so it’s easy to find some playful designs that will brighten any child’s bedroom. The durable canvas material can be easily spot cleaned with some water and mild soap if they get spilled on, and many of these bins are even foldable and can be collapsed when not in use. Voila! Nice and neat.

  2. Large Laundry Hamper

    Simple Toy Storage Solutions
    For an even simpler catch-all solution, a single large laundry hamper can be placed in the corner of a child’s bedroom. At the end of the day, all stuffed toys will make their way home there. To be able to see what toys are inside, make sure to choose one made of mesh or another transparent material. For added fun and an incentive for kids to clean up their stuffed toys on their own, hang a basketball hoop with a large rim over the laundry hamper. Kids will have so much fun slam dunking that they won’t even notice that they’re cleaning too! Make sure, however, that the hamper is short enough for the child to access their toys without toppling it over.

  3. Furniture with Storage

    Simple Toy Storage Solutions
    For a toy storage solution that is multi-functional, look for miniature armchairs, benches, or ottomans with storage underneath the seat. Although this method is probably one of the pricier options in this list, these versatile pieces of furniture are such an adorable way to store toys out of sight and also for the little tykes to sit on and relax. A word of caution: always choose storage spaces that are too small for the child to hide inside.

So as one can see, organizing those rebellious stuffed toys doesn’t have to be a grueling chore. Of course, besides buying these storage solutions, encourage kids to clean up after themselves by giving them a motivation to, such as creating a “Clean Room Award” which they can redeem for a trip to their favorite ice cream parlor, or letting them choose the board game during the next family game night.

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