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DIY Doll House Kit (11)

DIY Doll House Kit: Build a Mini World of Your Very Own

Whether it’s the little ones or the grown-ups, doll houses are some of the most popular toys that are not only enchanting, but also life-like. To let you build a mini world of your very own, we have got numerous DIY doll house kits consisting of furniture, decorations and tiny doll figures to to shape up dreams. If you or the kids are in the mood for a little do-it-yourself mini house building, scroll down to get your hands on these marvels.

What Has Our Collection of DIY Dollhouse Kits Got?

Building your very own dollhouses is all about fun and excitement. And the large spectrum of DIY doll house kits at My Heart Teddy comes loaded with creative playtime. Whether it’s elaborate farmhouses, lavish mansions, rusty cottages and so much more – our DIY doll house kits have got it all.

In fact, just scrolling down through the vivid options below will take you by a surprise and you are surely going to find one that matches your dream doll house blueprint just right. If you haven’t got something planned, it’s going to be so much fun to simply browse and find a kit that makes play time amazingly interesting for the kids.

Working up one or more of these doll house kits all by themselves expands the imagination and vision of the kids, thereby inspiring them as well as the adults alike to build a real replica of the same. You never know what’s in store for you until you start browsing through all the amazing DIY doll house kits we have to offer.

You will have numerous options to choose from, ranging from glorious mini beach houses, subtle bunkers, hut houses, or the most rambling of estates, and so much more! The kits are quite a unique canvas that can shape up your vision into lifelike forms. We have curated some of the most wonderful kits here that will help you build your own dollhouses from the ground up.

DIY Dollhouses Kits Help Your Kid’s Overall Development

Playing or working with DIY Dollhouse Kits are quite a boon when it comes to boosting the overall cognitive and creative skills of your kids. It’s all about combining the idea of having fun and learning together. Our large collection of dollhouse kits are interactive assembly games that allow the kiddos to indulge in crafts from an early age.

It surely is a creative hobby that comes with a positive impact on the early development of toddlers too. Immersing them in a whole world of imagination loaded with colors and shapes enhances their concentration, that too without putting them under learning pressures. In fact, creative hobbies such as assembling dollhouse kits that are found in the initial few months of a child’s life increases the possibilities of them growing into great artists by allowing them to become so much more sensitive to art.

DIY Dollhouse kits are a wonderful way to keep children indulged in an imaginary game where they find themselves to be a major part of it. And that’s why playing with these kits helps in the social as well as intellectual development of your little one. Such an imaginative play builds some spaces for the child to investigate and learn about the real world around, the surroundings, the structures and other components in a better manner.

Being a part of the dollhouse assembly, the kids actually understand the use of the different symbolic representations of the decoration elements and the actions which they are playing and exploring with. Kids love to use dialogues and perform role plays during the game, which in turn, develops their emotional, intellectual and social skills.

Child development experts have observed that children gain so much more sense of self-confidence when they indulge in role playing games such as arranging DIY dollhouses. They not only understand the use of the things and components used in the assembly, but also become more aware of the key components of learning.

What All Can Children Do With These DIY Doll House Kits

The whole idea behind letting kids indulge in dollhouse assemblies and role plays with the dolls and the house elements is to build an atmosphere that allows the kids to inculcates values. There’s a whole bunch of activities that the kids can indulge in when playing with these kids while learning new skills at the same time.

  • It’s great to try asking the kids the whole series of events and routine they undertake in a day. When they let the dolls perform their typical routine form morning till they hit the bed, they actually absorb the routines much better, thereby making it a regular practice.

  • The kits can help the kids understand the significance of adjustments. All it takes is to ask them to reorganize the different furniture and the room settings of the dollhouse in order to make space for new dolls and decoration elements.

  • The kids can search the house for old and unwanted stuff, further using them to make DIY craft items they can decorate the dollhouses with. It will help them learn about working up new stuff by recycling old scrap.

  • Some kids love to get different situations in their playtime and taking up roles of major family members with the help of their dolls. Solving out family problems and small issues during such play helps them improve their decision making skills, while understanding patience and love much better.

Our dollhouse kits can become a part of just about every kid’s playroom. Coming with mini home figures, little furniture, as well as other toys – they are no less than a tiny home for the kids to get engrossed in. The reasonable prices and the versatility of these kits makes them amazingly popular and widely accepted by families for children of all ages. These mini house kits are something that both girls and boys around the globe absolutely love to have!

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