How Teddy Bear can be your Perfect Gift for your Girlfriend

Imagine yourself in a midst of searching the perfect birthday present for your girlfriend, but you only have some bucks left on your bank account. You want it to be something that makes her remember you every time she looks at “this” thing. You will unconsciously count your budget, whether you will eat what’s left in your refrigerator, or you can buy a present, cook her a nice dinner, and you still can eat outside for the next few days.

Let’s say you will buy her a ring, with options of either 12 or 24 months’ installment, or you can pay full and suddenly you become a home buddy. While your are counting, you walk across a teddy bear store, and surprisingly they are having 30% sale. You decide to walk into the store, and see a big, huggable teddy bear. You decide to buy that teddy bear, then walks to supermarket to buy ingredients for your dinner with your girlfriend, a small box of chocolate, and you top it off with a bottle of wine, any kind of wine you prefer.

After you finished buying all that stuff, you walk to the parking lot. When you were walking, you walked pass a couple around your age, overheard the woman saying that how sweet of “that man” (which is you), buying teddy bear and ingredients to cook together with your girlfriend at her house. It leaves you a good feeling.

After all these years you were with your girlfriend, you never been this sweet to your girlfriend, and even though she never said that she wants a sweet boyfriend, deep inside, you know that she sometimes wants the sweet side of you. So you drive home, take a nice shower, style yourself, spray a nice perfume, then you drive to your girlfriend’s house.

Preparing all the stuffs you bought earlier, you knock her door, anxiously waiting for her response. When she opened the door, she sees you standing in the gentlest way, holding a big, huggable teddy bear, a box of chocolate, and the stuffs you need for dinner. To your surprise, she hugs you really tight, then she bursts to tears, saying that the teddy bear you bought is the one she wanted for so long but haven’t got a chance to buy.

Stuffed Teddy Bear Plush Toy

It relieves you so much you hug her back. You walk inside her house, and cook together for her birthday dinner. It does make her kitchen super messy, but you guys are having a lot of fun. Dinner is served, both of you are having a nice, deep talks, and end the day with box of chocolate you bought earlier and watching a movie together, blankets to prevent both of you from cold.

Deep inside, you are grateful because you decided not to buy her the ring you wanted to buy for her, and you never think that a teddy bear you bought last minute is the thing that makes your girlfriend happy. Sometimes, what a girl or a woman want is, at least, a little sweet side of her partner. Who knows that your girlfriend prefers a huggable teddy instead of a ring 😉

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