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Gudetama is the Best Sanrio Character

Gudetama, also known by the name lazy egg, has become a well-known Japanese character. Gudetama was created by Sanrio. They create original characters, produce character-based merchandise, films, TV shows, video games and books. Gudetama was released by Sanrio in 2013. The adorable egg quickly became Sanrio’s most loved character since Hello Kitty. Years later, people still love Gudetama! What is it that makes this lazy egg so special?

Who is Gudetama, you ask?

Hello Kitty doesn’t even have mouths, but Sanrio’s Gudetama’s expression is all about his slack-jawed, sometimes even drooling, unlike Hello Kitty. Gudetama is a Japanese term that describes someone lazy. Tamago, which refers to an egg, is his name. Gudetama’s lazy nature made him instantly relatable, and people were able to make memes and jokes about it. We all have days when we feel lazy and don’t want to do anything. Gudetama’s pure laziness makes him a perfect representation of our own lazyness, and people fell in love with him.

Gudetama Sanrio

Gudetama’s egg-shaped appearance makes him even more unique. It’s difficult to identify the most famous animal character, given the number of animals that have been created, particularly in Japan’s cute markets. Gudetama stands out because of her unique food-based characters. Gudetama’s success is made possible by the popularity of eggs in Japan. Gudetama can be incorporated into merchandise like gudetama stickers and food in many different ways. Many restaurants present their eggs with a Gudetama face on them. This is a great way to make an ordinary meal more interesting and fun to photograph. You can also find Gudetama treats such as mochi, chocolate, and cake!

Gudetama’s lazy egg character design is genius. It makes him extremely versatile. Gudetama can have his egg runny, soft-boiled or hard-boiled. This allows him to adapt to many situations. Gudetama is often shown as a runny yolk on top of a bed made up of egg whites. This perfectly reflects his lazy nature. Sometimes he comes with a small chair that can be used to represent a hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg inside an eggshell. Sanrio has many hilarious and cute ways to portray Gudetama. This has helped to increase his popularity, and created a large market for Gudetama merchandise!

This is why there is a Gudetama to suit every mood and every occasion. Every occasion is covered! These Gudetama toys make a great gift for the couple who loves Gudetama or to add to your kawaii merch collection.

You can also get the Gudetama Plush from Kawaii Shop Online if you prefer the single Gudetama. This Gudetama plush is soft and cute. It sits on an egg white pillow and has his usual lazy expression.

Gudetama is a popular character who has been around for many years. Gudetama’s lazy dispositions will be remembered by all. His cute, versatile design makes him a beloved character. He is also a great face for food and merchandise.

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