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Reasons why plushies should be a part of your sleeping routine

Did you know that different body plushies can have a profound effect on how you feel about sleeping?

Long Cartoon Cat Plush - Pink 70cm, China

1. Back pain can be relieved with body pillows

The Long Snuggle Buddies, a body pillow made of super long, super soft, and super cuddly pillows are called Long Snuggle Buddies. These plushies promise to improve your spinal alignment in style and effectively. Our long-body pillow plushies will ensure you get a restful night’s sleep. Our Long Snuggle Buddies will do the rest.

Large Stuffed Dog

2. Hugs are a universally loved activity.

A cuddle buddy at night can make you feel instantly calm. Hugging is known to reduce stress and release oxytocin. Our plushies can help you get through a rough day or feel like you’re all alone because of recent lockdowns. These soft plushies will make you feel more relaxed, calm, and at ease.

Cute Alpaca Plush Toy

3. No more turning and tossing

My Heart Teddy Soft Toys are cuddly and squishy. They can reduce tossing and turning that can lead to awakening in the middle or late at night. These plushies can be placed around your neck or held onto by you to stop you being restless throughout the night.

4. Feeling safe during a pandemic

Most people, regardless of age, find that sleeping with a plushie allows them to relieve any discomfort and can rely on the plushies for support during bedtime rather than medication or therapy. Plushies are a symbol of safety and security, especially with COVID-19. They are a great way to provide natural treatment for snoring or for pregnant women who require extra comfort and support.

5. A boost in sleeping quality

We must not forget the most important reason. Having a plushie that you can put your head on for support of the neck or skull, or to hold onto, greatly improves your sleep quality. Plushies aren’t just for entertainment, but are also designed to ensure your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Our plushies can reduce headaches, stiffness, and any other pain you may be experiencing during the day.

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