Reasons Why You’re Never Too Old For Kawaii Fashion

“Is it too late to start wearing kawaii clothing?” “Am I getting old enough for it?” I am not surprised that these questions are being asked on the internet. The fashion industry and society have always considered aging a negative. If you are unsure whether a kawaii dress is right for you, or if you’re being criticized by others for “not dressing your aged,” here are the reasons to wear kawaii clothing.

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Classism is the prejudice against those who are not of a high socioeconomic status.

No matter if you are a Japanese brand enthusiast or just love to make kawaii outfits at the thrift store, a new hobby requires financial commitment. Most of us can’t afford to wear kawaii fashion as teens or young adults. As we save over the years, many of us are gradually building our wardrobes. Don’t worry about how long it takes to get your dream dress or wardrobe. Keep working hard!


It is a journey. Sometimes it takes us many years to find our personal style. And we often don’t achieve financial and/or living independence until later in our lives. we discovered kawaii fashion only after I became an adult. It was a while before we decided to sell lolita fashion. As we age and have more experiences in our lives, we begin to love ourselves more. We learn that our lives are too short to worry about what others think of us. We begin to experiment with our style and make new friends. This is when we fall in love even more with kawaii fashion. These magical memories are too precious to be lost just because we have reached a certain age.

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This is not just a kawaii fashion scene. Even though older adults have more money, the majority of images in the fashion industry are of young models and teenagers. A 2020 study found that the average age of models featured in ads is 25. This number is even lower for new runway models, who are often cast at 16 years old! Although J-fashion magazines may only show models in their 20s, that doesn’t mean that they can’t show us that we can continue wearing our pastel favorites well into retirement. Fashion magazines don’t have the right to dictate what we wear. We do. You can take matters into your own hands and diversify your social media feed by using models and content creators from different ages.


You who thought that certain styles should be avoided once you reach a certain age. Similar to conservatives who wish to limit our expression. Our superpower is self-expression. Fashion can be used as a political statement. You can shine your negativity with your kawaii energy and work towards making the kawaii clothing community more inclusive.

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As the world’s population ages, life expectancy rises and the global birthrate falls, so is the world’s population. Japan, the birthplace of kawaii culture, is experiencing a rapid increase in its population. If we allow older adults to dress as they please, but there is less youth in the future, wouldn’t this mean that fewer people will be wearing kawaii fashion? It is a way to preserve the culture’s legacy. Anyone who thinks someone is too old for kawaii is not only ageist–discriminating against people based on their age–but also not supporting the culture itself. Do you feel empowered? Get involved in promoting a fashion scene that includes all marginalized groups.

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