An Easy Guide to Disinfecting Stuffed Animals

Almost every child has a favorite stuffed animal that they cling to day in day out. The bond gets tighter when they are sick, and if the toys are not properly disinfected, they could be a cause of re-infection in the child or their siblings.

You may have a hard time separating the child from the stuffed animal, but you have to get smart. Ensure you have a temporary replacement. If you don’t, trick the child into playing a game that involves hiding the toy, or come up with a clever story about the toy’s whereabouts. However you do it, the fact remains that you have to properly disinfect the stuffed animals in your household on a weekly basis.

why you need to disinfect your kids stuffed animals

There are many reasons why you need to disinfect your kids’ stuffed animals. The first one is that they can be carriers of fleas and other insects. If the kid happens to bite someone and the person is allergic to the bites, there will be a release of histamines. These histamines can cause severe allergic reactions in the person if he or she is exposed to them for a long period of time. This means that the child’s skin has been damaged by the substance released from the bites.

protecting them from possible harm that could come to them through contact with the insect bites

You are protecting them from possible harm that could come to them through contact with the insect bites. They will also benefit from this treatment because they will get better and faster relief from insect bites that would have taken weeks or months to go through on their own. During this treatment period, the kid should not touch anything to remove the dead skin that remains. If you have an animal that has already been affected by biting from another insect, then you should discontinue touching that animal and allow it to heal on its own.

This can only happen if the wound has not been broken yet. You need to let it heal for a few more days for the dead skin cells to come out and for the infection to be gone. This is very important because it will allow the wound to close properly. This will reduce swelling and help it to close on its own. In this way, there will be no more chance of further irritation or infection.

You might not think why you need to disinfect your kids’ stuffed animals

You might not think why you need to disinfect your kids’ stuffed animals. However, you should keep in mind that these toys are made from different materials. Some contain lead or other metals, while others do not. You would want to be sure that they are safe for your children.

time to disinfect the plush toy

As soon as the toy has been opened and any part of the toy has been chewed, this is the time to disinfect it. There is no sense in letting your kids play with toys that have been opened and contaminated. Even if the piece looks like it is relatively new, it could still have some level of bacteria on it. This can cause a lot of trouble for your child.

When you decide why you need to disinfect your kids’ stuffed animals

When you decide why you need to disinfect your kids’ stuffed animals, you must consider that there are some that are specially made for kids. These include some that are made to prevent small children from choking on their stuffing. The goal is to keep them clean. These are very easy to find and inexpensive. They can easily be stored in drawers or you can purchase appropriate containers for them.

ideal to invest in toy storage

If you have a room dedicated to storing your kids’ toys, then it would also be ideal to invest in these containers. Since most of these are made of plastic, they are easy to clean and are quite durable. For those of you who have a hard time remembering to disinfect their toys, you can also purchase clear plastic containers that will make it much easier for you.

fact remains is that keeping stuffed animals clean is very important

Whether you choose to purchase plastic containers for your kids’ stuffed animals or if you would prefer to purchase other containers, the fact remains is that keeping them clean is very important. This will ensure that the bacteria do not spread and will also keep your children’s health in top condition. These simple steps will go a long way in making sure that your kids remain healthy.

How to Properly Disinfect the Stuffed Animals

By disinfecting stuffed animals using the following procedure, you guarantee that every germ is killed. Check the laundering instructions on the tags of the toys to avoid destroying your child’s best friends.

  • Machine Cleaning in Disinfecting Stuffed Animals

    For Machine Cleaning, If the toy is machine washable, remove its clothes and any other items such as bows and ribbons. Put these clothes and the stuffed toy in a mesh bag and into a washing machine, set on hot water. For toys that are too big to fit in the washing machine, cut them open along the seam, remove the stuffing, and wash the cover on a hot water cycle.

  • Dry the stuffed animal toys

    Dry the stuffed animal toys and all associated items on hot for at least 45 minutes to finish off any stubborn germs. Replace and sew back the filling on the large toys.

  • Hand Washing

    When Cleaning with Water To clean with your hands, ensure that you use bleach and mildly warm, clean water to scrub the outside of your child’s stuffed animals thoroughly.

  • use a piece of clean cloth or a brush with soft bristles in Disinfecting Stuffed Animals

    You could use a piece of clean cloth or a brush with soft bristles. Be sure to properly clean every hidden corner and fold, including any buttons. If the toy is clothed, separate the clothes from the stuffed animal and wash each thoroughly. Rinse with lots of clean water, and ensure all the detergent is off. Leave them out in the sun to completely dry.

  • store the dry toy in a freezer for 72 hours

    If you are cleaning the stuffed animal immediately after an illness, store the dry toy in a freezer for 72 hours in order to sanitize it. But of course, use a freezer bag.

Precautions in Disinfecting Stuffed Animals

When Disinfecting Stuffed Animals using bleach, be sure to follow the instructions on the label for diluting it. Ensure it has an EPA registration number which is a guarantee that it is risk-free. Some kiddos will put accessories such as pearls on their stuffed animals.

Wipe them as well using a clean cloth some warm water and disinfectant or bleach. Rinse it well to remove any traces of the bleach. Washing the stuffed animal is not enough, you need to wipe the surface they are frequently stored with a disinfectant.


If it was up to your child, they would never let go of their favorite stuffed animal. But stuffed animals are notorious carriers of germs, especially after the child has been through a period of sickness.

The child will drool, bite, sneeze on, and touch the toy after touching any part of their body, or using the bathroom. This transfers millions of germs to the stuffed animal’s fur creating a health hazard for the entire family.

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