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Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Who does not love stuffed animal toys? They are adored by people of ages. However, the craze is more in Children. The stuffed animal toys are not just toys for them, they are the friends, companions of children. Still, time passes. As the children grow up, their passion for soft toys comes down. The old toys are left in the house unattended as a reminder of a happier time.

The question then comes up what to do with the old toys. It is hard to throw them away as they are mixed with so many memories. You can give them away, but only so many. There is another option though: store it in a way that decorates the home.

Let us discuss some of the innovative ways to decorate your home with stuffed animal storage.

Garden Hanging Planter Storage

You have the hanging planter from the garden? That used to be the show of your garden, now old and unused. Mixed with old stuffed animal toys, it can be reinvented as toy storage. Hang it in your drawing room. or your entrance, put some stuffed animal toys in a way that they should look like looking at you welcoming you. They will change the look of your drawing room completely.

Under Bed Storage for stuffed animal toys

If your bed has a storage unit, you can put your old stuffed animal toys there, essentially making it as toy storage. It will be like the toys will be your night time companion, just like the old days. Except they will be under the bed this time rather than on the bed.

Stuffed Animal Swing

You have some old wood pieces? And you must have some threads right? With them, you can utilize a great toy storage idea: Stuffed Animal Swing. It is very simple. Just make three steps ladder-like structure with the wood pieces and bind them with the thread. Put your stuffed animal toys there facing towards you and voila your stuffed animal swing is ready.

DIY Wood Animal Zoo

Do you like to make stuffed animal storage and teach your children something useful as well? There is a very interesting idea to do both at the same time. Help your children make Do It Yourself Wood Animal Zoo. It is easy to make and the materials are easy to get. Once it is done, put all your stuffed animal toys in the zoo. It is a great home decoration, you can utilize it to store the old toys as well, and most importantly you can help your kids learn something. Three birds in stone, that’s cool, right?

Shoe Holder as a stuffed Toy Storage

Yet another way to utilize used stuff as a toy storage unit. Bring out the old show holder from the attic. Clean it up, maybe put some color to match with the color of the home and then, put the stuff toys in there. Maybe put your favorite toys in the front and least favorite once at the back but once done it will be good looking toy storage.


These are only a few ideas of stuffed animal storage. Check your house, you will get many more ideas to decorate with the old stuffed animal toys.

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