How To Look After and Maintain Your Anime Action Figure Collection

Many of us love those little action figures that represent our childhood and our tastes in a beautiful figure nine centimeters high, that through its beautiful colors, characters and special designs we dream of keeping it in good condition for a long time; this is possible by applying a weekly cleaning routine to the figures and the shelf to display the figures that you have bought and that you have been given as a faithful collector of anime action figure.

If you have a large or small anime action figure collection you should bear in mind that if you purchase a special edition anime action figure and want to take it out of the box, it is best to keep the box in dry places so it does not damage the state of the box, since in a few years the anime action figure special edition usually cost hundreds of dollars that can help you in an emergency; it is recommended that you leave it in its box away from the sun so that it does not deteriorate the color of the box.

Tips for maintaining the anime action figure collection

1. Take care of cleaning the anime action figure collection yourself since you are the one who knows the value these figures have for you.

2. Keep the figures away from sunlight as the action of the sun’s rays fades the paint on the boxes and the anime action figure.

3. Display it in a cool, dry place, as the places where there is humidity deteriorates the anime action figure box.

4. With the help of a feather duster, clean each figure and the corner where the toy action figure collection is to eliminate dust.

5. Then, with an electrostatic feather duster, you once again clean all the surfaces of the counter and the figures to remove any dust that remains stuck in the toy action figure collection.

6. If you still see dust embedded in the corners of the anime action figure, with the help of a soft toothbrush or a swab you can clean each corner of the toy action figure and remove dirt.

7. In case you do not have these feather dusters, use a towel moistened with water and cleans all the surfaces including the toy action figure, then with a dry towel you proceed to dry everything you have cleaned with the damp towel.

8. Let the air in the room ventilate to dry and thus avoid bad odor on the shelf and the toy action figure collection, for this you can replace the water with a fruit-scented disinfectant or with the fragrance that you like the most.

9. In case you keep the anime action figure in its box, avoid dampening the boxes and only remove dust with the help of a duster or a dry towel.

10. You must remove any dust particles from the room, so proceed to clean the floor of the room and the windows that are the places where the dust accumulates.

11. If you have the anime action figure collection in a glass cabinet clean the window with a glass spray and a towel so that you remove any impurities and a trick to polish the glasses is to use a sheet of newspaper and polish after passing the wet towel.

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