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Funko Pop Custom (48)

Funko Pop Custom

Funko Pops have existed in the market 20 years ago, but back then they were not as sought after and popular because they did not look as good as they do now. And as the years progressed, the quality of these pops also improved and soon people noticed how they can be good addition to their existing collection; basically, these Funko Pops have become a celebration for collectors and pop culture.

Now that Funko Pops are greatly accepted in the market, a lot of Funko Pop custom pieces are appearing in the market. These Funko Pop custom pieces are suitable for people who have a great desire to not rely on the pre-designed pieces being sold for public consumption so their alternative is to create their own. There are people who look for certain designs that are not yet available so they opt to create their own to be sure that they will get what they really want out of a particular Funko Pop.

To be able to execute and create these Funko Pop custom pieces properly, one needs to look for a base that will allow for the final design to closely resemble what someone wants. Because there are thousands of choices available in the market, even this first step in creating Funko Pop custom pieces can take a while depending on how long it will take for someone to decide if a piece the perfect one.

After picking the perfect base for the Funko Pop custom piece that a person will create, the next step is to make sure that enough photos of the target character is present. It’s not enough though to only have a photo of the character from the front because even the back and side view of the character should also be covered since the Funko Pop custom figurine is in 3D. However, if no reference can be found online, it won’t really equate to not being able to make a Funko Pop custom design because one can always rely on imagination and invent some of the details. After all, creativity is the bottom line why these Funko pieces are customized in the first place.

When a reference has already been identified, the next part is the favorite part of a lot of people – painting the figurine. Painting the Funko Pop custom piece can be started from whichever part of the figurine’s body; basically, wherever a person is most comfortable to start. One reminder when painting is to make sure that the layers of color are consistent to be able to produce a uniform appearance throughout the overall figurine. Aside from paint, other materials can also be used to be able to put more detail in the different parts of the figurine. For instance, markers can be used to be able to add in the eyes and make more elaborate details on them. Designing the eyes is usually a crucial part of the process because a lot of the overall expression and appearance of the figurine will depend on how the eyes were drawn.

It is true that it’s never easy to do custom Funko Pop pieces, but like anything else, things get better with practice and people just have to start from being a beginner and then work their way up to be able to come up with more elaborate figurines.

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