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Barbie: Most Popular Doll of All Time

Barbie is perhaps one of the most recognized and popular fashion dolls worldwide. She has been depicted in numerous different mediums, including comic books, films, advertising campaigns, music videos, and even computer games. Barbie was first named after the late German businesswoman Mrs. Pauline Barbie, who was the world’s first female millionaire. The first Mattel toy made from Barbie material was the Bitty Barbies, which was very popular for their ‘all-in-one’ approach to dress-up.

Barbie History

Barbie was created by American company Mattel, Inc., and launched in March 1959. American companywoman Ruth Handler was responsible for the creation of the popular doll with a German girl named Bild Lili as her inspiration. The two companies merged to form Mattel, and production on the first few Barbie dolls began in Israel. The original Barbie furniture did not have a footstool and was made entirely of plastic and cloth. It was not until later that changes were made to the Barbie Dolls line.

Barbie dolls continue to go through changes and evolution to this day. The original Barbie dolls are very collectible. Many people purchase Barbie dolls as a hobby and pass them down to their daughters or grandchildren. Barbie’s recent focus on body part emphasis has increased interest in collecting these classic Barbie toys. Barbie has even received her own line of clothes. This is a very popular move for any toy line, but Barbie’s clothing line has received especially good reviews.

First Barbie Doll

The first Barbie doll was a very rudimentary design. Her clothes consisted of a skirt, blouse, and matching blouse/panties. Her shoes were just small and not very noticeable. Her accessories included a hair brush, hairbrush, a bottle of shampoo, and comb. This Barbie doll did not have any type of belly button.

With the introduction of the second Barbie doll, it became obvious that Barbie needed a body. A manufacturer realized that they could make a version of Barbie with a built in body. The new Barbie doll was designed with her legs, arms, and waist on plastic tabs attached to the sides of the torso. These plastic tabs became a signature look for all Barbie dolls.

The first official Barbie doll to have a built in body was the popular pink Barbie. She did not become popularly known as Barbie until the release of the third Barbie doll, the Mattel creation known as Ken. In Japan, when the Ken doll was released, the Barbie dolls were immediately recalled. This is why the name “Barbie” stuck.

Barbie Princess: The Fashion Doll

Barbie became even more popular when the fashion doll was introduced. The new version of Barbie was modeled after a fashionable girl that was parading around town in a bikini. The fashion doll was named Barbie Princess. Barbie Princess has a fun dress, and a set of jewelry including a tiara and earrings. The first official Barbie doll to be depicted as wearing pants was Barbie Peasant, the latest in a long line of fashion dolls.

Barbie Princess: The Sports Doll

Barbie dolls continue to be a mainstay of Barbie gaming. The latest version of Barbie Princess sports a slightly tighter looking figure. The new Barbie games are all about Barbie going shopping. Barbie and Ken still play out their little play wars, and every home that has a Barbie doll has at least one Ken doll in it.

Barbie and Ken

March of Dimes was not the only doll to have a major change when it was announced that Barbie was going to have a sibling. When Mattel released the new Barbie game, they also announced that there would be two Barbie dolls. The second Barbie doll was given the name Ken. March of Dimes became Barbie and Ken’s child instead of their baby or future child. The two stories remained consistent with Barbie and Ken being siblings, and Barbie and Ken play out their little play wars.

Barbie and Ken have appeared in a variety of different games over the years. Some games focused on Barbie going on dates, some Barbie shopping, and Barbie is having a baby. The Barbie dolls have evolved so much that Mattel no longer focus on creating a child only doll. They now have numerous different Barbie dolls that can be played with.

The newest version of Barbie sees Barbie and Ken go on an incredible adventure to save the world. Barbie and Ken go on a treasure quest, battling the evil clutches of the evil Dr. Darkken. Barbie and Ken are also joined by a variety of wild animals as well. The new version of Barbie is an amazing 6′ tall figure that stand on all four legs, has a talent for cooking, and can also fly.

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